Working With The Bevel Modifier

The bevel modifier in Blender is great specially for hard surface models.  Those edges in real life however sharp does have some natural “beveling” to them so this helps in selling a more believable concept.

You can also achieve models with great fidelity or detail but with less resolution as opposed to using subdivision.

In this article, you will learn how to use the bevel modifier in Blender effectively to speed up your design process.

1. Assigning Hotkey To Bevel Weight

bevel hotkey

Probably the best way to use the bevel modifier is by using weights. This allows you greater control by assigning a specific weight value to the selected edges.

However, the Edge Bevel Weight has no default hotkey assigned. So in order to speed this up, press Ctrl+E for the Edge Special Menu, right-click on the Edge Bevel Weight operator and click change shortcut.

Here I used Ctrl+Shift+E. You can then go to User Preferences and save this setting.

2. Use Draw Wire To Preview

bevel preview

You can enable the Bevel Modifier to have its effect be visible in edit mode. The resulting topology however can’t be seen.

To do this, go to object mode and enable Draw Wire in the Properties Panel-Object Tab-Display Section.

draw wire

This allows you to view the additional edgeloops added by the bevel modifier so you can see whether some area have overlaps or distortion.

tip: be sure to have Only Render off in the Display Tab in the N Panel off for the Draw Wire effect to be visible in the viewport.

3. Turn Clamp Overlap Off

The Clamp Overlap feature in Bevel Modifier ensures you can never have overlapping bevels anywhere in the mesh.

This however limits the variety of beveling strengths you can do with each edge or edgeloop using the Weight Limit Method.

So to get the best out of the Bevel Modifier just leave this off and use the draw wire function to detect overlaps and change the weight value as needed.


With this simple steps you can be sure using the Bevel Modifier will give you awesome results everytime.

So how about you? If you got any suggestions or questions feel free to fill up the comment section. Winking smile

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