Quickly Modeling Character Assets

Character creation takes time. The organic part of it specially since you have to make sure the measurement and anatomy is right. And after the stages of sculpting, retopology and detailing then you are faced with the task of creating additional assets to further solidify the concept like clothing, armor etc.

The Ice Tools Pro is well equipped to handle the task of modeling character assets as it was chiefly built with retopology in mind. This in turn enable us to use the plugin to model anything using the surface of another object. This is an old and practised technique which speeds up the modeling workflow by using a primitive base to model complex shapes on top of it.

This technique can even extend to hard surface where an artist creates a basic shape and then build the real thing on top of it using the edge extrusion technique.


This is a quick test character sculpted with dyntopo and remeshed. From the hood to the sandals every piece of clothing is made easily using the Ice Tools Pro plugin. This function is besides the main marketing campaign which shows the add-on as a 3d scene low poly hard surface asset filler.


The shoulder pads are faces supplemented with the mirror, solidify and the bevel solid set up by the add-on. It’s up to you if you wan’t to add some subdivision. All the assets you see in the character is using the subsurf modifier. You can manually add this using Ctrl+#. I’d usually go for 1 or 2.

Of course, this is just for building the base. But if you want to further the design you can use Ctrl+A in Object Mode and use the Visual Geometry To Mesh operator to apply all the modifiers. You can then advance the design using normal editing tools.

The magic happens when you use the Create Link Mesh operator on an object. This creates an empty mesh and proceeds to edit mode where you can then model your design.


You can even duplicate faces and offset them a bit to create a padding effect, there’s no need to separate them into different objects.


This is a quick way to iterate design concepts before trying the real thing. Remember that you can apply all the modifiers then use the result for detailing.

You can watch a YouTube demo of the process here…


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