Cuber 1.8+ Update [$]


Cuber is an edit mode based addon designed to extend the “rapid 3d asset scene filler” functionality of the Ice Tools Pro. This update brings in the capability of transforming those low poly assets as a high poly version to be used for close-up shots or presentation renders and also further enhancing the add-on itself.

Cuber Pie Menu Map

The add-on is easy to use and designed with minimalistic UI. You can already decipher its overall functionality using the Pie Menu Map picture above.

Cuber 1.8+ brings in the following updates:

- Add Cube is simplified and will now directly add the cube mesh used for the boolean and cut operations. The cube mesh is added/created to the selected verts/edges/faces average position or to the 3d cursor’s position when nothing is selected. Initial size of the cube mesh can be set using the undo menu.

- Auto Smooth now have an undo menu to set the desired autosmooth angle.

- Quick Assign functionality brings in the bevel weights, width, segments and profile sliders used for intermittent beveling and makes the process much more intuitive. Just pick an edge and adjust any of the sliders like bevel weight and a bevel modifier will be added using weight as the limit method.

- The Apply and Remove operator will then appear below the Quick Select boxes so you can apply the current bevel modifier or remove it. Removing it also removes all current bevel weights assignment.

- Quick Select provides an ordered list of all unique bevel weights assigned to the mesh. Use it to quickly select all the edges with a particular bevel weight assigned. Use the undo menu to extend the selection.

low poly gun 01

low poly gun 02

Initial low poly version using the Ice Tools Pro and Cuber

hi poly gun 01

hi poly gun 02

High poly version using Cuber (triangulated for subsurf modifier)

The gun model is created using Cuber to build the base then Ice Tools Pro for design greebles. You can also use Ice Tools Pro first then use Cuber to essentially transform the low poly design to a hi-res version using its beveling functions.

The Snapshot feature of the Cuber add-on however is not designed to fully work with the Ice Tools Pro.

Here are some quick modeling tests using the Cuber and Ice Tools Pro together:







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