Dyntopo Plus Add-on $10.00

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Dyntopo Plus Add-on

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This add-on was developed to make sculpting with Blender’s Dyntopology much faster and provide a more intuitive experience.

It lets you save the Dyntopo parameters such as type of detailing, method of refinement and resolution to a manageable list which you can arrange, add to or remove making it much easier to just pick from the saved settings rather than individually adjusting those dyntopo settings everytime.

The list is in groups of 4 and can be navigated using the arrow buttons located above the upper-left corner of the list under the save dyntopo settings.

This also includes Mask Tools such as decimate, extract, smooth and vcol fill which affects the masked areas of your sculpt in Dyntopology.

So go ahead and try it out. Winking smile


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