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What is Cuber?

Boolean in Blender is pretty solid, you can do this in object mode using modifiers or in edit mode using operators. Ice Tools Pro already answered the object mode workflow and it’s time to open up the possibility of a tool to effectively boost the boolean operations in Blender’s edit mode, and this is what the Cuber is for.

crate model using cuber

Now there is a question of a similarity with Ice Tools Pro. I don't know smile

Well, the Ice Tools is a multi-tool designed primarily for re-topology and accentuating any modeling tasks and its hard surface capability is only limited for quickly creating low res assets to fill the scene without putting too much pressure on render times.

The Cuber, on the other hand, is mainly focused on boolean ops inside Blender’s edit mode and is designed to have hi-res hard surface models in mind which can work well with close up shots.

gun model using cuber

Now working in edit mode, there is a slight need for some topo know-how but there is a quick trick for almost everything.


Using the bevel and the subsurf together to create hi-res hard surface stuffs but dealing with boolean produces ngons which doesn’t react well when subdivided.


A simple solution is to triangulate the ngon faces causing distortions. The same type of topology you would expect when converting stuff from moi3d or Fusion to editable mesh. Don’t worry, this is hard surface, there are more freedom to use all kinds of topology than an animated organic model.


Using a simple mesh cube a.k.a cuber, you can use this for the different types of cut operations offered by the addon and can assign materials to the faces selected which can then be converted to vertex color. While being destructive unlike Ice Tools Pro, it does allow you to create copies of your workmesh known as “snapshots”.

The idea is simple: to greatly enhance the boolean workflow inside blender’s edit mode and this add-on will give you that. Winking smile

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