Ice Tools Pro Add-on $12.00

Purchase it at Gumroad or Blender Market.

What is the Ice Tools Pro?

You can think of it as a 3d asset generator. Well, not a single push generator but it does allow you to iterate designs quickly.

scifi crates array

scifi panel clay render towers array

By taking advantage of booleans as a modifier to shape an object this should give you a non-destructive workflow.

scifi crate clay render

floor array

This will allow you to build a 3d scene in no time using detailed low poly meshes capable of being rendered in close shots.

Non-destructive workflow?

Yes, any workflow where you can go back to stuff you did a while ago and have the ability to change or edit that. This will have a clear advantage in terms of reducing creative stress since there’s a huge allowance for mistakes.

scifi crate

scifi crate wires

And one of the best deals, of course, is you don’t have to bother with topology. Open-mouthed smile

Any videos to show us so far?

Yep, despite Internet troubles a couple has been allowed to upload.

Watch the re-topology action here…
Watch the Hard Surface demo/tutorial here…

I’m planning to create more detailed video tutorials soon, hopefully this time I’d be able to narrate the process since this is becoming a popular request.

Where can I get it?

You can purchase this in Gumroad or get it at Blender Market where every purchase gives 10% of the profit back to Blender Development. Red heart


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